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All good things come to an end.

As you all probably have noticed by now, I haven't posted anything on my blog for a while. Not because I didn't want to, just basically because my life is a rollercoaster these days. Between work, housewife duties, friends and trying to figure out which direction to go regarding education, I've got my hands full. I have loved working on this blog, replying to your comments, and watching the statistics go up. And it's ashame that I have to stop here. But I hope you all have enjoyed reading my posts, as well as I hope I have given those of you who are considering moving to a different country insight to what it's really like living away home.

Maybe I'll start bloging again when things fall into place. But for now, this is it. Thank you for follwoing my blog, I wish you all the best. And if you want further contact, my e mail is listed on the right side :)

Sophie's loging off! :)


After a long week at work, I finally found some time for fun:) I even got my neighbour/friend Lupe to agree to teach me some more Spanish :) Our deal is that she will teach me Spanish, and I teach her Norwegian. Even though I don't know when she will ever use her Norwegian language skills, besides when she actually goes to Norway ;)

Lupe asked me to come out yesterday. But I didn't feel like going out for the same reason I didn't feel like bloging. Today however, I felt a lot better. So we went across the street, and had a few beers along with nice conversations :) I really do appreciate the times that I do go out. Not for the music, not for the alcohol. Just for the reason of being out among people I don't see, or talk to every day. Don't get me wrong. I love the people I see and work with on a daily basis, each and every one of them. But it's nice with a change every once is a while.

Anyways.. Lupe has a snake. Actually, several snakes... I had sworn off snakes since I was walking around in diapers. BUT! Turns out that snakes arent't that bad when they're the kind of snakes that don't have those big, fat fangs.

Don't look at my nose in the pictures. For some reason, it looks like it's bigger than a mother! When did that happen? Haha. For those who know me, did my nose always look this big? Cause if it did, I'm gonna kill you for not letting me know;)

Hope y'all had a nice weekend :)

- Sophie.

Getting visit from Norway :D

Do you see the banner on top of my blog, above the banner? That's right! Sophie has gotten her first sponsor :) Hooray for me! I actually love this website, they have so much nice stuff. Everything from clothes to shoes, to accessories, piercings, sunglasses, make up, wigs.... well, you get the point.

I have already picked out some favourites! This dress:

And these shoes:

Drool, me like. Too bad they don't ship international, I'd be spening way too much money there as we speak (write?). Oh well, I'll get it when I go home for christmas :) I'm pretty sure my time off request sheet will be approved. Which means I'll be on my way home in 4 months! ICAN'T WAIT! :D

Meanwhile, I'm sitting here with ''I don't believe you'' by Pink playing in my ears, seriously considering having a glass of white wine after the busiest day at work I have ever experienced while thinking about the good news I got on my phone earlier this morning. My best friend Linn is most likely to come visit me in November!This has to be the best news Ihave gotten in a long time. I'm so excited that even with my hands full at work, I still managed to plan every little thing I'm going to show her when she comes over :) Big city shopping, restaurants, attractions and nightlife. I know she always wanted to visit the U.S. I think she probably wants to visit NYC the most. But hey, Tampa ain't all that bad ;)

Linn and I in Kos, 2007. My bestie for 15 years now :)

It's getting pretty late, so I'm getting ready to call it a night. I go to bed way too late, and wake up way too late as well. It seems like my days just disappear into thin air. Why couldn't there be more than 24 hours in a day?

Have a great day, guys :)

- Sophie.

Becky sucks!

That's right Becky, you suck! And yes, I DID just write this on my blog ;)

Becky all of the sudden decided to quit working, and move to Lakeland. Which for those who doesn't know, is an hour away from Tampa. But I can understand why. I mean... who wouldn't love to move to a place where there is nothing to do, that's far away from a big city, and that's in the middle of nowhere? Haha, no I'm kidding. I'm just hating cause I don't want her to move away :) It's so typical. Every time I make friends around in this place, they decide to move! First my bestie moved away to go travel all around the U.S. And now my ''chicle'' is moving away. Not fair! Good news is that Lakeland is only an hour away. So we'll still be able to hang out from time to time :)

No more Becky sitting in her chair at work, dancing like a crazy person while she is listening to her music. No more Becky with her perverted jokes and comments, no more Becky with her creepy laugh, and most of all, no more Becky talking about ''fishes''. When I'm thinking about it, no more talk about fishes is not necessarily a bad thing. I'm actually happy I don't have listen to the everlasting argument that everyone should say fishes as the plural word for fish. This might be hard to believe, but Becky has argued about this at work for hours and hours at a time. Haha.

Anyways, I'm gonna post a nice picture because I'll miss you.

And a not so nice picture because you suck for leaving!

You will probably hate me now, but you'll get over it ;) On a serious note though, it's been really fun working with you. And I'm looking forward to seing your new place, as well as the girls night you're planning to set up after you have settled down :) I'll bring you a bowl with some gold ''fishes'' for your house warming gift ;)

- Sophie.

Is there anything Bella is NOT scared of?

I should write a book called ''100 things that scare my dog''. Bushes, leaves, vacuum cleaners, blenders, thunder, lightning, and basically anything that moves or makes noise. But this?! I would have never thought I'd see the day where my dog is genuinely scared of animals on the tv. They weren't even making any noises!

What do you think guys, is this clip for Americas funniest home videos? Haha :)


I had a bit of a busy daytoday. In the morning I spent about 45 minutes at the bank before I used the next hour and a half looking for a place to fix mycar. Turns out that they need to replace the whole bumper on my car in order to fix the leak on the water vap.Another 400 bucksthat could not have come at a moreinconvenient time, as we found out that the VA made a mistake when theysent Jason the tuition for his school. Now we owe them 713 dollars! Hooray! :)

Aaaaanyways. I've been doing a lot of research online today as well regarding my studies and so on. Waiting for a call back hopefully tomorrow or the day after. I'm excited to go on campus, see how it is, and get a littlemore informationabout this. Hopefully, every piece will fall in it's place so that I can start in the winter. I can't believe I'm going back to school again. A fewyears ago, I swore that I was done with school. But now, going back to school is all I can think about. Well, that and moving away from this horrible apartment. Haha.

Well, it's back to work for me tomorrow! Have a great day, all!

- Sophie.

Date night in Tampa.

Yesterday started out not so great. I had lower back pain, neck pain, and I felt exhausted. Did you ever have one of those days where you just wake up feeling exhausted even though you got at least 7 hours of sleep? Yeah, that was me yesterday. I hate when that happens...

It was my day off, so Jason and I decided to make something out of it. He surprised me by taking me to a tapas restaurant in downtown Tampa called ''Cheviche''. I loved the location of the restaurant, and most of all- the sexy atmosphere. The food was good as well, as it should be considering the stiff prices. We both ate some kind of grill spear combination with italian sausage, filet mignon and chicken. With veggie grill spears made from mushroom, onion, squash and peppers. All in all it was a very nice food experience, enhanced by computerized music combined with live violin play. They had three main dining areas. There is the outside area where you can enjoy the nice view of the fountain, the inside area which is air conditioned and relaxed, then the other inside area which also is air conditioned with a bar and live music playing. If you live in the Tampa area, make sure to stop by some time. It's worth it :)

The outside dining area.

After dinner, we decided to go to Channelside for a little while. I like Channelside because it has a European ''feel'' to it, it makes me feel right at home. I don't know what was going on yesterday, because they had British flags hanging everywhere. Even people wearing clothes with the British flag print on them. Hehe... Patriotic, yes. Sexy, hell to the no :p Jason and I stopped by Splitsville which is a bar/ club/ restaurant/ bowling alley. We stayed for about an hour and a half, then headed back home as I didn't feel 100 %.

Jason just rented a movie for us to watch, even though I really should go to bed right about now. I have to get up a little earlier tomorrow to go to the bank, take my baby bug to the mechanic, and then possibly visit my future college. Yes, you read it right! Sophie has probably found the college she wants to attend! I'm not going to reveal anything yet. But for those of you who know me, here's a hint: I'll be going to school for something I wanted to do since I was 5 years old :) Hihi, I'm so excited I could scream!!!

Hope you had a great weekend, I'll write you tomorrow!

- Sophie.

Insight to the chaos in my head.

Hey this new cable package isn't all that bad. LA Ink on TLC, me like! Let's see what else we have here.... Gallery/ History.... Electronics today....... Dr. Phil...... IMPROVE PROSTATE HEALTH?! You have got to be kidding me, this new cable package sucks! I really should concentrate on finishing today's post on my blog instead of checking out the cable. I can do that when I'm done. Okay, I'm back... Concentrate.. concentraaaaate... Look at Baby Smoke sleeping. He looks like he is at one with the floor. So cute. I wonder where Joy is..

I wonder how many people are going to think I'm crazy when they read this. Is it such a good idea writing down whatever crosses my mind? Probably not... But today, I couldn't care less. I'm exhausted, cranky, sleepy, hungry and bored. Not to mention the pain I'm feeling in my lower back. Hey Sophie, get it together, nobody likes a whiner.. Well, except Robert from Everybody loves Raymond. He's friggin hillarious..

I need a vacation. I can't wait to go home to see my family. But damn, vacation in December? Can I last that long? Except for 5 days in Jamaica, I haven't had a vacation for a year. I should probably go before christmas. But wait, I do miss the Norwegian Christmas food. Think I'll stick to Christmas vacation. I wish I could take the cruise over there, but it takes too long. I can't believe I have to get on an airplane again. Everytime I get home from a vacation I swear by God that I wont get on another one for at least another year. But that never happens... Ever... I should really get some counselig for this aerofobia of mine.. Aerofobia, is that even how it's spelled- or did I just make that word up? BAH, I'm too tired to google it.

Giggedy giggedy goo! HEY! We have Family Guy on one of the channels! WOHOOOO! My life officially sucks a little less. Whining again Sophie...

Hmmm.. Maybe after dinner tomorrow Jason and I should go to Blue Martini and have a couple of cocktails. Meanwhile, why have the thought of cows crossed my mind at least 5 times while writing this post? Is that a sign of insanity? Probably not.. It's probably a sign to call it a day.

Yo mama so nasty she has to creep up on bathwater.

Time is just flying by!

I stumbled across this website I have never heard of before, and I'm so happy I did! is a Norwegian website that will actually help you get sponsors for your blog.... for free! :) You have to start with filling out an application, then register and activate your account. After this, you will receive an e mail which will take you through the steps of categorizing your blog, and start filling out additional applications for other sponsors. Every now and then you wil be contacted by different sponsors by e mail. It's super easy, and pays off big time for those who want to become serious bloggers :) Just a tip for you guys, :)

From one thing to another. I just came home from work not too long ago. I'm exhausted as work has been so busy for quite some time now. Even more busy the last few days as we just hired new people, and they are still in training. I have to work tomorrow as well, but then I get me some freedoooooom on Sunday ;) Jason is taking me out for dinner in Tampa, but he won't tell me where. Iiiih, Sophie likes surprises :) Hopefully he will surprise me for our wedding anniversary the 21st of August. Lord oh Lord, I can not believe how fast time passes. It seems like we just got married 4-5 months ago, and it's been 2 years already. 2 years of marriage, and 2 years away from my family. It's strange how drastically my life changed in the blink of an eye. 2 years ago I was living in Norway with my dad. I was just finishing my studies while I was an intern for one company, and working part time for another company. I didn't have any bills to worry about. But I did have a wedding to plan, and a boyfriend living on the opposite side of the world. My whole life was turned upside down. Not saying it's a bad thing, just different :)

I would say that my life is pretty good, all in all. However, there is a need for some serious changes. I'm not yet going to reveal what these changes will be, but hopefully I will soon.

I'm about to hit the sack in a minute. Just have to finish this post, my grocery list and my ''delicious'' noodles ;) Yay for grocery shopping! I love seing my fridge fully stacked with good food and juices<3 Aaaah, the little things in life..

Have a great weekend guys!

- Sophie.

Sophie testing: NYC Smooch Proof Lip Stain 16H.

I just bought NYC's new Smooch Proof Lip Stain 16H. I chose to go with shade ''497 Rock on Ruby'' as I have a crush on red lips these days. Personally I think red lips looks gorgeous with smokey eyes. It gives you more of a sexy and mysterious look, depending on what outfit you are wearing of course. Since this is a lip stain and not a lipstick, I figured that the color wouldn't be just as strong. And I was pretty much dead on. It looks and feels just like a marker you would use on paper, which is a totally different experience for the lips. And after testing this new product, I have a feeling that a marker would probably have a better chance lasting 16 hours.

This is how it looked just minutes after the lip stain was applied.

And this is how it looks after approximately 4 hours. Depending on how much you eat, drink or kiss ;)

As you can tell, it does not last for 16 hours...

What I like about the lip stain is that it's easy to apply to your lips, and it doesn't smudge compared to the lipstick. However, for you to get a nice and even result, you do have to add several layers when you first apply the lip stain. Other than that, I like the design and the choice of colors. But that's about it. Obviously it did not live up to my expectations regarding how long it's supposed to last, which makes me feel like I wasted my money more or less. Seeming that the lip stain looks like a marker, it also gave me the feeling that it wouldn't be good for me to get parts of it in my mouth. I know that's probably all in my head, but that's how it felt. Also.. The first time I tried the lip stain, I went straight in the shower thinking that it probably wouldn't do any damage. I mean, it's supposed to be a stain right?! WRONG! I came out of the shower with red color literally swimming all over my face. Not...... pretty....

My conclusion: Ketchup stains, red wine stains, grass stains... well basically any stain in the world would last longer than the NYC Smooch Proof Lip Stain 16H.

- Sophie.

Sleepless night.

Guess what guys! I went to bed yesterday at 3.30 AM, and ended up falling asleep some time after 9 AM! I hate when this happens. Usually it's because I have too many things on my mind. But this time it was probably because I wasn't feeling good on Monday, and slept most of the day. Ugh, it messes up my whole system. Jason when he came home from work at 7.30 AM, sweet as he is, went to the pharmacy and bought me some over the counter sleeping pills. If only they had worked:( There is nothing that makes me more cranky and straight up ''bitchy'' as being tired. Well that and hungry. But being in bed for more than 5 hours, not getting even a minute of sleep, who can blame me? I'm so tired at this point that I don't even know if I'm conscious or not! Lol.

Tampa these days have been excruciatingly hot and humid. Don't get me wrong, I love the heat. It's the humidity I can't stand. I can compare it to a sauna. At least that's how I remember it feeling like the first time I went to Florida. I just can't imagine ever being able to get used to this kind of humidity. Doesn't really make you wanna put on your long pants and shirt, then head off to work. I just feel like slipping into my bikini, and spending the whole day at the beach. But why wouldn't I, Florida beaches are B-E-A utiful ;)

Makes you feel like visiting Florida, doesn't it? Hint, hint to my friends and family in Norway ;)

Watching the news today it seems like we will be experiencing a tropical storm. That is if it keeps on moving in our direction. Which hopefully won't happen as they were also speculating in it turning in to a tornado. I think that's some pretty scary stuff. It seems so foreign to me since I'm not used to these kind of weather conditions. Snow storms, now that's something I can relate to! Haha.

I'm going to try to get some sleep, right after I finish watching this Family Guy episode. Gotta have my daily dose of Family Guy ;) I'll write you tomorrow!

- Sophie.

I just found this picture on our computer. Look how tiny Baby Smoke is :D

Apartment hunting!

This is actually my third day off in a row. SundayI passed on working overtime, yesterday I had a fever and had to stayat home, and today was my scheduled day off. I feel better than I did yesterday, and more important- I finally feel rested. I've slept so much these past few days, it's ridicolous. There's been a lot of tv and movie watching, as well as time spent on the computer looking for a new place to live. We have basically narrowed it down to 3 possible places so far.

Apartment # 1.

I'm still not sure about their pet policy, so I'm going to have to call. Other than that, this place is really nice. It's a gated community, they have a free fitness center, pool, business center, washer/dryer, dishwasher, high speed internet connection, it's closer to where we work, and it's closer to the city area.

Their 2 bedroom and 2 bathroomapartments are about 974 square feet, at a very reasonable price.

Apartment # 2.

This also is a gated community, where they do accept large pets. They have a free fitness center, pool, high speed wireless connection, washer/dryer connections, fireplaces, dishwasher,tennis court, volleyball court, picnic area, walk in closets, it's closer to work, and really close to the city.

Their 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartments ranges from 819 square feet to 975 square feet. Also, at an affordable price.

Apartment # 3.

This is also a commuinty where they welcome large pets. They have a free fitness center, pool, dishwasher, walk in closetscable andhigh speed internet access. It's closer to work, and closer to the city.

Here we can get a 885square feet apartment with2 bedrooms and2 bathroom. The price is also not too bad.

I'm so incredibly excited about moving, I can hardly wait. We're going to buy new furnitures and paint the walls instead of having the same boring white color all around the apartment. We know exactly what colors we want, and where to find the furnitures that we want. So basically we're just waiting to move out. I really shouldn't have started the planning so early though. Now time will probably pass sooooo slow.

Which apartment community do you guys like the most?

- Sophie.

Breakfast at IHOP :)

We decided to do something different today, so we went for breakfast at IHOP since Jason has been wanting to do so for a long time. I was reluctant to do so as first, as I thought that they only served pancakes. But I went online yesterday to look up their menu, and surprise surprise!!! Turns out they serve more than that. Jason ordered an omelette out of this world, while I ordered a sandwich. Not really the healthy breakfast I usually eat as it came with either fried onions or french fries, and the bread was all white. I just hope I'm not gonna feel sick the rest of the day, which I usually do if I don't eat something healthy for breakfast. Blah.

Orange juice, breakfast and hungry Jason.

Breakfast, applejuice and hungry Sophie. Don't ask me what's going on with my eyes. Lol.

How cute is that?! Little sirup bottles lined up.

Jason's pancakes with butter and sirup.

We were planning on going to the beach after IHOP, but of course the rain came along and ruined our day. I still need my daily expercise though, so we went swimming in the pool for a while. Later on, Jason is making dinner. Hooraaay:) We're going to rent a movie, have some wine, and head out for a while. I'll update y'all later :)

And oh... Psssssst.... You can follow my blog on twitter now :) There is also a link on top of every post.

- Sophie.

Norwegian curry chicken.

Yum yum, this is one of my favourite foods :) It would have been pretty healthy too, had it not been for the cream. What can I say, I'm a sucker for cream in food. It's pure genious. The curry chicken takes about an hour to make, but it's easy to prepare. It's perfect as an everyday meal, as well as something that you can serve if you're having dinner guests over. It smells awesome, and tastes even better.

Here are the how to's:

You will need: Chicken, 1 small carton on cream, curry powder, salt, pepper, 5 garlic cloves, 1/2 red onion, 1 1/2 sweet peppers and rice.

1. Clean the chicken, remove the skin, and add the seasoning you prefer. Like always, I chose to go with the seasoning salt, pepper and garlic powder. After, set the oven to 425 degrees, put the chicken in, and let it stay for about 45-50 minutes. I usually cook the chicken thighs for this dish, but chose to go with chicken breast today.

2. Chop half of the red onion.

3. Chop 5 garlic cloves.

4. And 1 1/2 sweet peppers. You're really supposed to use half of a red sweet pepper, half of a green, and half of a yellow. But the green ones are so much cheaper, so I too went green ;)

5. Toss all the veggies in one pot.

6. And add the cream.

7. As the cream starts to heat up, add the curry powder little by little as you will have to decide how strong you want it.

8. When you're pleased with the amount of curry you have added, add a little salt and pepper.

9. 15-20 minutes before the chicken is done, start making the rice.

And voila! Delicious curry chicken ;)

- Sophie.

Help me decide!

As some of you already know, I'm planning on enrolling in college in January. But I'm so incredibly confused about what I should study! The job I have now, opened my eyes to the opportunity of studying criminal justice. I would absolutely love working as either a crime scene investigator or a criminologist. But the requirement for doing either one of those jobs, is o be a sworn police Officer for 2 years! And I highly doubt that being a police Officer is something I would like. I would also like to study psychology. But as I am already paying down on the student loan for my travel coordinator education, I highly doubt that I am able to afford a master's degree or a PHD to become a therapist.

So my realistic option really is to either become a veterinary techinician or an ultrasound technician. But which one do I choose? Honestly I could see myself doing either one of these jobs. My only concern is if I'm going to be able to study materialwith that degree of difficulty, while at the same time I will be working a fulltime job?! Ah... Decissions, decissions... All I know for sure, is that I am unable to go on campus to study. I have to do the entire degree online. There is just no possible way that I will be able to work fulltime, go to school, write this blog, take care of my home, husband, friends and pets. Sometimes I wish to be 16 again. 16 and carefree..

First and foremost I will choose to study something that I know I'll enjoy. But at the same time, I also want to study something that will leave me with a opportunity to get a good job after aquiring just an associates degree. A good job, that pays good money. I would like to aim for my bacherlors right after finishing my associates. But at this point, it doesn't seem like an option. What do you guys think? Vet tech or ultrasound tech?

Enough about that, I won't be able to make a decission today anyway :) At the moment while writing this, I am listening to Family Guy on the TV with the top button on my pants unbuttoned wondering why in the world I overdid on the nudles this late. I'm already dead tired, so I don't need a full stomach to keep me up while I should be sleeping. I have just been completely exhausted the last month. I'm supposed to work overtime on Sunday, but with the way I am feeling- I highly doubt it. I'll try to go to bed earlier than 5 AM though, and maybe I will feel better in the morning. And hopefully good enough to work overtime on Sunday. I really hate letting my boss down.

Anyways, you guys probably had enough of my boring ramblin', so I'll save you from slapping yourself in the face, and say goodnight ;)

Write you tomorrow!

- Sophie.

The picture is from this winter. No tan, whatsoever :p


The last couple of months I've been feeling very homesick. There are probably a million reasons to why. My grandfather passed away, my birthday was in june, it's already been a whole year since I was home, and of course what happened in Oslo caused me to want to go home. Be with ''my people'' and share their grief. But here I am, thousands of miles away, saving every cent I can to go home for Christmas. My blog was initially meant to be about how it is to be a Norwegian living in the U.S. But it's easy to fall off track, and write about the everyday stuff. For those of you considering moving to a different country, you must think about how you will cope without being close to your family and friends. Yes, moving to a different country is exciting. And it will probably help you grow as a person. On the other hand.. Being away from your loved ones, is painful, stressful and very lonely. Specially around special occasions like christmas, birthdays, easter, and your country's independence day. Not a day goes by that I don't think about my dad, my sister, her two beautiful children and my best friends.

You also have to consider what you will do if something happens to you. You network of support will no longer be within reach. You have to ask yourself if you are independent enough to handle each and every situation that might occur.... alone.

I have noticed that I have become more patriotic since I moved away from home. When I was living in Norway I used to complain a lot. The winters were too long for my taste, the summers were too short, it was too cold, there was nothing to do, people were stressing too much, etc. I don't think like that anymore. Now I just miss my home, and everything about it. It's so easy to forget what a great life you are living, because you will always want more. But sometimes, you don't need more. Sometimes you have everything you need right where you are, even if you do want warmer/colder climate around you, a different scenario, different faces, or what ever it may be.

I surprised myself when I realized the things I miss the most. I miss the food.. The garlic dressing they put on your pizza ( Cause God knows they don't have that here in Tampa! ), the burger my best friend used to make for me where she was working, the Maarud garlic dip for potato chips, Norwegian hot dogs with lompe and crispy onions, Grandiosa pizza, etc. I miss how the sea water doesn't burn the crap out of my eyes when I go swimming. The green grass that actually feels comfortable walking barefooted on. Seing the boardwalk in Fredrikstad, filled with people undescribably happy-looking because summer finally arrived. The parade of people wearing our national costume, waving our flag while singing our national anthem. I could go on forever. Norway is beautiful!

The boardwalk in Fredrikstad city :)

If any of you have any questions about how it really is living in a different country, under all the superficial stuff- don't be afraid to contact me. Hey, it's one of the main reasons why I'm writing this blog anyway :)

- Sophie.

Sophie testing: Maybelline New York, stylish smokes.

I just bought the new eyeshadow kit from Maybelline New York, stylish smokes. I've tried several eyeshadows from several different brands, but still find it difficult to find an eyeshadow thatcreates thosemysterious smokey eyes. However, I'm pretty satisfied with this one. It doesn't cost an arm and a leg, It gives you directions on how to apply it, the eyeshadow dust doesn't ''drizzle'' all over your face when applying it, and it lasts for about 5 or 6 hours before you have to do a touch up. Also because there are 4 different shades, you can make your own color combinations. Lighter shades for everyday use, and the darker shades for when you're going out. Just remember to bring the kit with you, as you eventually the eyeshadow will end up in the crease of your eyes :)

I apologize for the unprofessional pictures. But I recently found out that my camera phone is better than my actual camera. Which says a lot about the quality. Anyway, I did the best I could.

Here's how I did it:

1. Apply the base color to your whole eyelid.

2. Add the liner to the base of your eyelid, close to your eyelashes.

3. Add the darker shade of silver to your whole eyelid. Don't forget to brush over the liner a couple of times.

4. Add the darker shade of grey to the crease of your eyelid.

5. Then add some grey under your lower eyelid, and top it off with some eyeliner :)

What do you think? :)

Have a good night everyone!

- Sophie

Trap call!

For some time now, I have been looking for a new apartment. Our lease is not up until January. However I can't wait to get out of this place, so the search IS OOON :) I did find a really nice place yesterday. Gated community, 2 bedrooms, close to the city, with AC, wireless internet connection and walk in closets. And they accept big dogs! Needless to say that I was extremely disapointed when I called today and found out that I'm not able to apply for the apartment until 30 days prior to moving. And per today, they didn't even have any 2 bedroom units available. Ugh, typical my luck. To prevent future heartache, I will stop the search for now:( Instead I have moved on to planning new furnitures and wall paint! Where we live now, our livingroom furtitures are all black. I loved it in the beginning- But I hate it now. One of the reasons being that we have pets, and fur on furnitures= Not very flattering. Besides, the coffee table we bought brand new from IKEA has seen better days since it went through hell during Bella's puppyhood. Like how you listen for the ocean in the seashells, I bet if I put my ear to this coffee table, I can hear: Please I'm begging you, just let me gooooo!

But hey! If anyone knows of a good place to live in Tampa, that accept big dogs, please let me know:)

As for me, I am enjoying my day off. The last one I'll have in 6 days. Even though I didn't do anything extravagant with my day off, it feels nice to know that I don't have to do squat. I didn't have to pay any bills, Jason took care of rent. Haha. I didn't have to fix my car today, even though I probably should have. I didn't have any meetings at work, I didn't have to cook or clean. I didn't have to.. well.. do anything! BUT! We did find out what number the unknown caller was calling from. I wrote about it a few posts ago. They kept calling Jason on his phone, saying really creepy things in a really creepy voice. And at all times of the day. Well, after not getting any help from the police, we decided to do something about it ourselves. Hence, the trap call! For those of you who don't know, you can trace unknown callers without all the modern technology. Just go to, and register your phone. They have different packages, but the cheapest one is approximately 5 dollars a month. Well worth the money! I know that most prank callers are harmless, but some aren't. And regardless of what, it's usually never a pleasant experience.

Turns out that the number calling us, is 999-999-9999. How weird is that? I have no idea who creates a phone line just for prank calls, but I'll make sure to notify the police tomorrow since they were contacted in this matter. Hopefully they can do something about it. We already black listed the number, but we are still going to report it as they might be calling other people as well!

It's getting kind of late. I'm going to grab something to eat, then snuggle up with my clean dog while watching a movie:) We gave Bella a bath earlier, and boy does she love it! It's nice to have a dog who loves the water. Makes the whole shower process a lot easier!

My puppy wuppy woo woo.. Haha :)

Write you tomorrow :)

- Sophie.

10 steps to a good and healthy meal.

This meal is easy to prepare. It doesn't take much time, and it's pretty healthy :) As I promised you some days ago, I will share the receipe with you. Sorry it took me this long, but I didn't want to put too much focus on food after what happend on the 22nd. But... Better late than never :)

Here are the how to's:

You will need: 1 whole chicken, 8 potatoes, milk, butter, cabbage,1/2 onionand your choice ofsauce for the chicken.

1. Start by cleaning the chicken and removing the skin.Put it in the pan,then season it with spices of your choice. Peronally, I usually stick with my favourites: Seasoning salt, pepper and garlic powder.

2. Pour the sauce over the chicken...

3. Chop the onion up..

4. And sprinkle it all over the chicken.

5. Put the oven to 430 degrees, and wait for it to get hot while you start peeling the potatoes. When you are ready to boil the potatoes, put the chicken in the oven.

6. When the potatoes have softened, strain the water, and add milk and butter.

7. Start mashing ;)

8. Leave the mashed potatoes on low heat, while you start cutting up the cabbage.

9. Let it boil until it softens, then strain the water out of it. After, you can add salt, pepper and a little butter.

10. By this time, the chicken should have been in the oven a littlelonger than an hour- It's ready to be served :)

Pretty tasty, pretty healthy :)

I know I'm getting hungry looking at this. But it's currently 2.03 AM here in Tampa, which means the only take-out food I can get........ Is Mc Donalds :( I don't really care too much for Mc Donalds food, so instead I'll enjoy a big piece of carrot cake that my hubby made while I was at work. He had a day off today, so he also had time to go out and rent a movie for us. "Insidious''- Did anyone see it? I heard that it's supposed to be pretty good.

Write you tomorrow!

- Sophie.

Short of words...

I chose not to blog yesterday, as I thought it would be inappropriate after what happened. Everyone is still in shock and in grief, including myself. It warms the heart to see how supportive and loving everyone is to one another during this difficult time. We have to stand strong together, and continue the war against terrorism. No matter what religion, no matter what nationality. My only wish is that we continue to show our love and support- even to strangers.

I am going to keep this short and sweet. But again I would like to express my condolences to the people who lost a loved one. Even though you can not change the past, find comfort in the fact that justice will be served. This man will pay for his deeds...

- Sophie.


Jeg vil kondulere p det sterkeste til de prrende av de som ble drept i Oslo 22.07.2011. Jeg kan ikke p noen mte forestille meg hvor ubeskrivelig vondt dere m ha det, og hvor rasende dere m vre av bli fratatt noen dere elsker p denne grusomme mten. Ta vare p dere selv og familien deres i denne tunge tiden, hjertet mitt blr for dere..

I was sound asleep in my bed when my phone started vibrating. I got a text message asking me what was going on in Norway, and if my family was okay. Half asleep and half awake I read the message, and thought: Hm.. That was a pretty random question to ask. I answered that they were ok, layed my head back on the pillow, and intended to go back to sleep when the thought hit me: Oh no, something happened... So I picked up my phone, went on and read the headlines. ''The government block looks like a war zone'', ''Massive bomb attack in the center of Oslo'', etc. I could not believe my own eyes. It was all over the news too, CNN, BBC, all the big news channels. I can not describe the feeling of seing my country... My people... on the tv screen- bleeding, crying, screaming.. A Norwegian man (!!!!) had planted a bomb in the government building where the prime minister of Norway works. Who would want to do something so terrible to their own people? Who would want to do that kind of thing to anyone? What would have to happen in a person's life to make them so mentally ill that they would be capable of doing such a thing? I have heard of people that have been raped, abused, had alcoholic or drug addicted parents, been homeless, teased at school etc, and many of them do pretty well for themselves- even with the difficult past. So what happens in a person's life that defines the moment where he or she thinks that killing innocent people is a good idea?!

Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there. Just some hours after the first attack, a ''so called'' police officer entered a political meeting at a summer camp for young adults. He showed his identification, stated that he had to do a routine check due to the recent attack in the center of Oslo, and then entered the camp premises. Few minutes later, more than 80 people were shot and killed by the ''police officer''. The same man that planted the bomb at the government building. Terrified teenagers were hiding around in the area to escape from this man, while others started swimming towards shore. I can't believe this actually happened. It seems like something that only happens in movies...

Even though we were warned, not many people saw this day coming. Norway is a very peaceful country, with peaceful people. We help other countries when needed, with our military as well as with financial issues. And we let people from other countries in crisis enter our country so that they can have an opportunity for a brighter future. It's a good country, with good people. And even though I am living in the U.S, I couldn't be prouder to be a Norwegian!

My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to the family members and friends of those who were killed today in Oslo's two unthinkable attacks. I pray you have strength to take you through the difficult time of losing a loved one, and to learn how to move on eventually. God bless.

Poolside fun!

Hooray for today :D I'm having a day off from work today, and guess what guys? I did absolutely nothing! Well, besides exercising, making dinner and helping Jason out with his homework :) I made a very nice dinner for us, which unfortunately had to be eaten a little too fast as Jason already had one foot out the door. He's off to work now. By the way, I'll give you the receipe tomorrow :)

Oh I forgot to tell you yesterday. When we were heading over to the bay area to check out an apartment, I got a little careless driving... I backed out a little too fast without looking both ways, and BOOM! I hit a big red truck. Igot him prettygoodas I realized that the crash had turned my car 180 degrees around. So I shake my head, feel my body for broken bones, and look outside. To my surprise, the red truck is slowly driving away! Who does that? What if I was really hurt?! Besides, the accident was totally my fault...

Sucks to be you now doesn't it? Learn how to pick up the phone, and get insurance for your car! If you cant afford it, take the bus..

My poor baby bug :(

I was shocked, and felt like my nerveshad beenshot to the moon. But brushed it off, and made it be a good day after all :) I'll probably try to get a new bumper from a junk yard eventually. Lord knows going to the dealer is a rip off. You might as well give your money to a hungry homeless man on the street instead. At least your money will do some good. I rememberwhen I had to change the brake pads on my car, Volkswagen wanted to charge me 850 $. Instead I went downtown to a different mechanic shop, and paid 300 $. Hahaha, I laugh at you Volkswagen. HA... HA!

Anyways, over to something a little more fun. Jason and I went down to the pool today to exercise a little. But we decided snap a few funny pictures, just for you guys :) I know I got a good laugh when I got a closer look at them.

Did any of you notice that my bikini is the exact same color as the water? Haha.

As for me, I have a date night with myself in front of me. I'm gonna sit back, relax, watch 2 movies, drink some soda and eat some candies. I've rented ''Unknown'' and ''Beastly''. Did anyone see them before? I know Liam Neeson plays in Unknown. I like him, he was the main character of my favorite movie ''Taken''. Which by the way, you have to see! Such a good movie.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy it, Monday will be here soon enough :)

- Sophie.

Note to self: Don't forget that life is short.

I'm a dreamer, through and through :) Every year before new years eve, I write a list over things I want to do, see or accomplish for the upcoming year. Then at the end of the year, I look at the list, and find out whether I managed to do everything that I wanted to. Last year I had 9 things on my list, and I actually managed to fulfill 8 of them! Not bad, huh? :) I guess I'm just afraid to wake up old and grey, and wonder what I did with my life. I don't want to have any regrets, or feel like my whole life passed me by without enjoying it to the fullest. I do admit, some of my goals seem pretty unachievable. But that doesn't matter. If I want it bad enough, I will try everything in my power to make it happen. And if I can't make it happen, then hey.. At least I won't look back with any regrets. This is where my stubbornness comes in. People call me stubborn, but I take it as a compliment. If you're not stubborn, you might give up prematurely. And if you're not curious, you're the last to know. This is my motto no matter what situation. Give it all you have, no matter what happens. If it seems impossible, keep on trying. If you fail, at least you can look back and think: I tried everything I could, and it didn't work out. But at least now I know that it wasn't meant to be. Had I not had this way of thinking, I would not have been where I am today. Nor would I have the life experience I have. I have lived in 4 different countries, traveled to approximately 17 countries, I moved away from Norway to get married to a man which was from a different part of the world, I recordedseveral demo cd's ( where one song was actually played on the radio :)),I have my education and a job which I happen to love. On top of that, I have gained a lot of life experience which will lead me to make better decissions in the future.

Here are some of my long term goals:

Visit Mexico..

Puerto Rico...


And Malaysia.

Singing on stage without feeling the stagefright.

Overcome my fear of flying.

Further my education.

See Neverland.

Photograph monkeys in the rainforest.

Swim by a waterfall... When nobody is around..

And visit the concentration camps..

If you dream it, you can do it :) Don't let life pass you by, you only get to live once. Yes, work, school, family and friends will take up a lot of your time. Just be sure to make room for the things you want to experience in life. I would really love to hear about your goals, so leave me a comment :)

- Sophie.

Not getting too much help.

Oh where do I start, there are so many things going on at once. The last couple of days Jason has been getting some pretty ''unsettling'' phone calls late at night. First off, I was upset because they called with an unknown number. That only makes it that much harder for us to find out who is calling. Second, I'm pretty damn upset that they are calling my husband making really inappropriate comments with the creepiest computer made voice I have ever heard. The voice is computer made, there are no noises in the background, and the calls are kept at one minute or less. So who ever is doing it, is either really smart, or really stupid. Knowing my temper, I would say the person is pretty damn stupid. So... The police have been contacted, the sheriffs officehas been contacted and our phone provider has been contacted. And guess what?! None of them could help us out! They can't track the numberbecause it was unknown. I don't quite understand that. A call went through to Jason's phone, he picked up the phone, the call was connected for about a minute... And here they are telling me that there is no way to get information about who the caller is? Let me see if I get this right... We could put a man on the moon...... But we can't track unknown callers?!

From one thing to another.. I've been browsing the internet today, trying to find a music school where I can get some vocal lessons. Like I mentioned in a previous post, I'm finding my way back to music. But it has been a while since I was actively singing, so my voice is really rusty. Anyway, I found a couple of schools, and they do offer private lessons. But Lord have mercy, one of the schools I called charges 39 dollars for 45 minutes! That's more than what I was paying in Norway! I found a couple of other schools, which I am going to call tomorrow. Hopefully they have better rates, so I can start singing again. IIIIIIIHHH, I'm sooooo excited! :D

Tomorrow Jason and I are going with Becky to look at some apartments in Tampa. Her lease is up soon, so she needs to find a new apartment for her and her hubby. While our lease is up in January :( But I'm so eager to move out of our place, so I'm starting my search now. This time, we want an apartment that is located in a gated community, close to the bay, close to work, with 2 bedrooms, and preferably at least 800 square feet. I also want hardwood floors, but heythis isFlorida. So that might be asking too much. Regardless, I'm really excited about moving. I dont like the neighbourgood we live in now, I dont like how the apartment looks, it's too small, and we have to drive about 20 minutes just to get to the bay.. Eh, neh...

Well, it's time for little girls to go to bed ;) Write you tomorrow!

- Sophie.

Xania- Greece.

I saved the best for last;) Xania is a town on the island of Crete. That iswhere I was living for about 5 months, 5 beautifuuuuuul months! I moved to Xania by myself, stayed in a hotel for the first couple of days, found an apartment, and thenstarted working in Klik bar one week after my arrival. I was living in the middle of old harbor, 2 minutes walking distance to work, 1 minute walking distance to restaurants and bars, 10 minutes to the beach, 2 minutes to the internet cafe and 5 minutes to the shopping area. I had the cutest little studio, in a building where all the other studios were vacant. I loved my place, but I could kill the pigeons. Every morning I heard them outside my window, with their annoying little pigeon noises. EVERY MORNING! Tired as a dog from working until 6-7 o' clock, I woke up 3 hours later just to be greeted by my evil enemies. And whenthey firstgot to wake me up, I would have a really hard time falling asleep again as it was so incredibly hot inside my room.I could keep on writing about how much I hated those annoying littlecreatures, but I'd probably have Animal Protective Services on my back. Haha, I joke I joke ;)

Xania is absolutely beautiful, and also by far the best place I have ever lived. Crime is low, the people are warm and welcoming, the nightlife is poppin', the beaches are nice, the food is amazing, and... Well, I could go on and on. If you do end up going there at some point, I recommend that you get a Greek to show you around. That way you will see and experience the hidden gems that so often get lost in all the ''touristy'' stuff.

I went to Xania 3 times, so the pictures above are from all 3 trips. Again, like with Athens and Kos, I could not post all ofthe pictures here because there are too many. I did however choose to post the pictures that will leave you with an impression of what Xania is like.

And finally, a shout out to all of my friends from Xania :D I know you are all probably spread all around the world nowadays, but I want you to know that I think of you all the time :) Thank you all so much for all the fantastic memories, and for making me feel so welcome in Xania. I will always remember you.

- Sophie.

Ay ay ay, what a weekend!

Sorry I've been quiet the last couple of days, guys. My weekend has been busy, and I mostly put my focus on having fun and enjoying the day off from work. After work on Saturday, I went out with a couple of friends after I got off work. And oh my God, I had so much fun. We laughed, played pool, danced, had some drinks, and of course I had to forget my camera! Typical me.. BUT! I did remember my camera when we went bowling yesterday :)

The day started out looking not-so-great.

Yeah, this is pretty much every day in Florida during hurricane season.

Look at this Fredrikstad people, Sophie is a big city girl now! Haha.

Becky's hubby Juan Carlos :)

Becky's brother Steven and his wife Alyssa :)

And Becky bowling :p

Don't ask me what's going on with my legs in this picture.

Becky, what are you doing? Haha.

Ah, it would have been such a cute picture. Had it not been for the crazy lady in the background.

Becky's adorable little niece :)

So all in all, it was a great weekend! A little while ago, Jason and I were actually concidering moving to a different state. You know, bigger city, more stuff to do and so on. But now we have both pretty much realized that we have everything we need here in Tampa. We just have to take the time to enjoy it.

Have a great day everyone! I'm off to work in a few. I'll update y'all later with the pictures I promised from Chania.

- Sophie.

Music and me.

Music has always been a very big part of my life. Since I was a child, I found out that I could sing. I've performed a couple of times, I know I have a nice voice, but I hate singing in front of other people. I guess the reason why is because it has been such a big part of my life, and I wouldn't want anyone to criticize it- Or tell me that I'm not good enugh. It's strange. You could criticize my dancing, school work, looks, how I do at work etc- and I would take it as constructive criticism. But when it comes to my sining, I don't want to hear it... Isn't that strange?

For a longer period of time, there was not much room for music in my life. Family, friends, husband, school, work and other responsibilities had to come first, and that was usually all there was room for. But lately I have found my way back to music :) Thanks to Adele! Honestly, you really have to hear this woman sing whether you like that kind of music or not. My two favourite songs are '' Set fire to the rain '' and '' Turning tables ''. The first song was the only reason why I started writing lyrics again, and from there really started appreciating music again. I can't explain how amazing it feels. I just wish that I could overcome this stagefright. I would go to NYC, be a singer, and make something of myself. But then again, everyone in NYC is either a singer, dancer, actor/actress or model. The competition is insane.

I'm probably never going to make it within music, so I'll just stick with writing music for my own ears :) Music is therapeutic. It makes me feel better when I'm sad, ecstatic when I'm happy, it let's me drown in self pity when needed, it relaxes me, and keeps me consentrated. With that being said, now you know what I'm doing tonight. Absolutely nothing! After I finish this post I will lay down, light some candles, put on some music, and let my mind wander. Hopefully my mind will wander until it comes up with some new lyrics, but we'll see :) My day at work was pretty fast paced, and hard. It's time to unwind, so I'll be ready for another day at work tomorrow :)

Hey, the weekend is here! Make it count :)

- Sophie

Athens- Greece.

So.. Like I promised, here are the pictures from Athens :) My friend and I went to this amazing city twice- In 3 weeks! The first time we went, I have to admit that we didn't really know too much about Athens. We thought: "One week.. yeah, should be enough". But Lord knows, it was not! Within two weeks of our arrival back in Norway, we were already on our way back. I can not begin to describe how magical this city is, you have to experience it to understand. So if you haven't already been there, put it on your ''things to do before I die'' list. Yes, I know you have one of those. We all do ;)

Athenscan offer youeverything you could ever wish forona big city vacation. Tons of culture, amazing restaurants, cafes, bakeries, hotels, souvenir shops,several great shopping areas, and the nightlife is off the hook! Just like New York City, Athens never sleeps! I recommend going outside tourist season, as the city gets really crowded during the summer. In the crowd, the Athenian charm tends to get lost. Also, the extreme heat mixed with the big city pollution doesn't really paint the picture for your dream vacation. Just a tip! :)

If you do end up going to Athens, beware of the neighbourhood you stroll around in with your pink mini skirt, and high heels. Athens generally has a low crime rate compared to other European big cities. Still, I saw more crime there in the 1 week and 4 days- than I have seen my whole life! True true, I'm not kidding. But don't let that scare you off. Stay away from shady neighbourhoods and shady people. Don't walk alone, beware of how you dress, and the people around you.

I remember when Yvonne and I arrived at our hotel on our very first Athens trip. Everything was so foreign to us, it felt like we might as well have been on a different planet. And even though we were exhausted from all the flights, we still decided to go out and explore the city even though it was late at night. Not the best idea we ever had ;) For 5 hours we were wandering around trying to find our way back to our hotel. It was cold and it was raining. But we were too paranoide, and too scared to get into a cab. And when we finally deicded to give up, and actually let a cab take us to our hotel- We were only 2 blocks away! Haha :) Soaked, homesick and irritated, we went to bed thinking we would spend the rest of our time in Athens inside our hotel room. But the next day we were already walking around early in the morning. But this time, with a map. At the end of our trip, I knew the city of Athens better than my back pockets :)

If I'm not mistaken, this is the city library.

Ready for the masquerade!

The funny looking men are actually guards for the castle in Athens! :O

And of course the Greek students had to have a big protest occupying the whole city.


The view from Acropolis.

Yellow cabs ;)

Yvonne, Thanos and I <3

Little did we know that our hotel was in the ghetto..

Syntagma square.

Club ENVY.

Again, I have way too many pictures to post here. Therefore I picked out the pictures which hopefullywillleaveyou withan impression of what Athens is like. As for me, I could live in Athens. But it's not for everyone. If you don't like crowds, traffic, and the big city smells- You're probably better off cruising the Greek islands. But then again, sucks to be you! Athens rocks ;)

I'll post some pictures of Xania, the Greek island I was living on, within the next couple of days. I hope you've enjoyed the pictures from Greece so far, the best is yet to come :) Have a good night!

- Sophie.

Just another day in paradise.

This late night blogging has really become a habit for me! Even though I should probably get my buttto bed after work, I'm looking forward to writing and posting pictures on my blog, checking the comments, e mails and statistics :) I've noticed that I've been blessed with new readers lately, which is awesome. And it also makes me want to blog more, even though I usually dont have time for it. Sometimes I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day. You would have more time to sleep, do the things you want to do, the summers would be longer... Then again, so would the winters. But hey, you would age a little more slowly ;) I'm only 23, butit feels like I was 18 yesterday. Working the schedule I do, and with so much to do, I feel like life is passing me by sometimes. Like I'm struggling to make a good life for us, but I never take the time to enjoy what I have. Have you ever felt like that?

We are expecting visitors from Canada this Sunday. My husband's best friend and his wife are coming to stay with us for a few day. I've never met them before, so I'm excited :) And Jason is even more excited! He hasn't seen his best friend for 9 years. We are picking them up at the airport in Orlando, then we're gonna drive back down to Tampa. Later on in the evening we're going bowling with some other friends, but other than that, we don't have any set plans yet. I'm sure whatever we do, we'll have fun :)

I'm going to try to go to bed before 5 AM today :O That way I can wake up at 11 and go swimming before I have to cook and get ready for work. I didn't go swimming today.Instead Jason and I took Bella for a little walk. Jason usually has to do that by himself because I'm hardly ever home. I really have to stop being lazy, and put Bella's shoes on her every time we go for awalk. Poor pooch, you can tell her paws are burning sometimes from the boiling hot asphalt. That results in her only wanting to walk on the grass. And as we all know: Grass= fleas... Ugh, I hate fleas.

Here we are in front of my little ''bug''. Isn't it cute? :D

Heading off to work :)

I hope everyone had a nice day. Tomorrow I will post pictures from Athens. And then spend the rest of the day feeling down because I want to go back. Haha. Same old story over and over. You see, Sophie can't help but feeling down whenever she sees pictures from Greece:p And now I'm at the point where I refer to myself in the third person, which means that it's REALLY time for me to go to bed! :) Write you tomorrow!

- Sophie.

Kos- Greece.

I can't believe it's been 3 whole years since I left Greece. 3 long years since I was swimming in the Mediterranean ocean, speaking and hearing other people speak Greek everywhere I go, reading Greek street signs. 3 whole years since I had dinner at a Greek restaurant right by the water, listening to Greek music, and dreading to drink the free shot of Raki that they give you before each meal. 3 whole years since I danced the Zorbas! Which all in all is not such a bad thing ;) For those of you who know me, you know that I love Greece, body and soul. Not because of the nice weather, not because of the nature, or the nightlife. I just love the atmosphere, and the person I am when I'm in Greece. I only lived in Greece for some moths, but still I feel like it'smy second home. Or should I say third?

I was 18 years old, and finally old enough to go on a vacation without my parents. My best friend Linn and I had a hard time deciding whether we wanted to go to Rome or Kos. '' The word on the street'' was that Kos was the ultimate party spot for young adults, and since we had turned 18, we were ready to go see some real nightlife! We only spent one week there the first time we went. But after that, I kept returning to Greece every chance I had. Basically every third month. I went to Kos three times. The first time, I went for 1 week. The second time as well. But the third time I decided to stay in Kos for 2 months. The pictures I am about to show you, are pictures from all 3 trips. I am unable to post all pictures as, I kid you not, have more than 1000 pictures. But I'll leave you with the pictures that will give you an impression of what Kos is like.

In Kos, we got everything that we wanted for our vacation. Good food, nice beaches, parties, new friends, summer crushes and of course... nice tans ;) Kos is a very small island, but it's beautiful. In the city area you will find everything you are looking for. Nice restaurants, bars, dance clubs, shopping, water views, and even a city beach. Not the dreamy beach you imagine for your vacation, but it's okay. The food really is excellent, and the restaurants are usually family driven. Unfortunately, I got to see quite a lot of crime during my stay there. And for that reason, I started investigating other Greek islands as well as the mainland.

I made so many good friends during my stay in Greece. I would like to post pictures of all of you, but there would just be too many of them! Besides, I don't want to accidentally leave any names or faces out. Just know that all of you are remembered, and missed.

Within the end of this week I will also post pictures from Athens and Xania. But for now, I'm going to bed :) I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow. Hope you had a nice day, write you tomorrow!

- Sophie.

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